Issue 3

  • Anguish of a comedian

    Anguish of a comedian

    In 2018, Pakistan witnessed its third consecutive transfer of power between civilian governments, a significant achievement in the nation’s 71-year history that has been marked by military coups. However, the spectre of the military’s subtle influence on electoral outcomes and media control still loomed large.

  • Here’s why we talk politics to children: A conversation with Samina Mishra 

    Here’s why we talk politics to children: A conversation with Samina Mishra 

    In a world where the complexities of citizenship and identity are constantly debated and dominated by adult voices, Samina Mishra, an educator, writer, and storyteller, set out on an adventure to explore the nuanced understanding of being an Indian through the eyes of children.

  • Pakistan’s media ‘influencer’

    Pakistan’s media ‘influencer’

    Over a quarter-century, journalist Tasneem Ahmar and her organisation, Uks, have campaigned for gender equality and inclusivity among Pakistan’s male-dominated media It was 1998 and Pakistan had just completed 50 years of existence as an independent nation. Alternating between democracy and military dictatorship, the general public, typically cynical about matters of state, became immersed in…

  • ‘There is hope for Afghanistan’

    ‘There is hope for Afghanistan’

    Journalist-activist Najiba Ayubi shaped the media landscape in Afghanistan during its brief stint as a democracy. Forced to flee when the Taliban returned to power, she is hopeful in her home in Los Angeles that Afghans who ‘tasted freedom of expression’ will one day strive for its return  

  • That lurking primus inter pares

    That lurking primus inter pares

    The Equals Project works for citizen engagement with the Constitution of India and its values, especially potent for such a diverse nation

  • Speak In Metaphors, Hide Behind Allegory

    Speak In Metaphors, Hide Behind Allegory

    Even as a section of the artistic community in India increasingly feels under attack, musician, satirist and environmental activist Rahul Ram makes a compelling case for inventing a new kind of language “divorced from electoral politics” to communicate with audiences.

  • Citizens at Play

    Citizens at Play

    Board games can help deepen the meaning of representative democracy for the body politic

  • A Solemn Game

    A Solemn Game

    Gaming becomes a tool to acquaint people with the nuances of political and civic decision-making based on personal values

  • In My Art Practice I Adopt An Inclusive Lens

    In My Art Practice I Adopt An Inclusive Lens

    Sangeeta Thapa, a prominent figure in Nepal’s art scene, discusses the profound influence of art in Nepal’s transition from monarchy to democracy in an interview to SIGMA. She delves into the historical connection between art and the royalty